Fishing Line Recycling Program

TIA is excited to announce a brand new Fishing Line Recycling Program for our fellow fisherpeople. In the coming months, 10-14 Recycling Stations will be installed at a variety of local marinas, boat launches and popular fishing spots. The goal of this program is to bring awareness to the issues caused by fishing line being left in the environment and the importance of properly disposing of one’s fishing line.


Looking for a Fishing Line Recycling Station location?  Check out this map to find one near you!


Monofilament fishing line left in the environment can cause a whole host of issues by entangling birds, fish, turtles and other aquatic species, choking animals who may mistake it for food and affecting water and soil quality as the monofilament breaks down into harmful microplastics. Even when fishing line does make it into the garbage, monofilament is known to take roughly 600 years to degrade, leaving ample opportunity to continue to affect wildlife in and around landfills.


By disposing of your fishing line in our easy access Fishing Line Recycling Stations you are helping to keep our local wildlife safe, our waters clean and keeping monofilament line out of landfills. Unfortunately, due to the material that fishing line is made from, it cannot be recycled at home, but with the help of the Berkley Recycling Center, TIA is able to properly recycle it for you.


When you use one of TIA’s Fishing Line Recycling Stations you are giving your fishing line a second life and can feel good about the positive impact you are making on our local environment!


A very big thank you is owed to TIA members Stuart Arnett, Alec Turner, Dave McWilliam and Anna Cowan for making this program possible!

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