TIA is a not-for-profit organization that relies on membership, sponsorships, grants and contributions to
support our programs and ongoing operations.

TIA operates under the Thousand Islands Association for the Preservation of River Quality Inc. in Canada and the Thousand Islands Association, Inc. in the United States. Tax receipts are issued for all donations.



Generous Donors

TIA acknowledges with sincere thanks and appreciation the following people who made donations in 2022.


Marion Abbott

DeAnn Acosta

Jonathan Allen

Patricia Allen

David Allsebrook


Ardis Archer

Ivan Armstrong

Corleen Asbreuk

Richard Baird

Dan and Maureen Baldock

Eric and Alicia Base

Sheri and Doug Brasher

Joan Brennan

Mary Brennan

Heinz and Marion Brennwald

Sheila Brown

Anita Buffett

Allison Burchell-Robinson

Barbara Butts

Cathy Byers

Tony and Manon Charters

Grant and Carolyn Coad

Bill and Pat Colby

Dean and Dorothy Collins

Judy Cornell

Chuck and Teri Corrigan

James Cote

Tracy Cunningham

Bill and Jane Deir

Tim and Carol Devlin

William and Sylvia Dixon

Troy and Lori Donovan

Vince and Brenda Donovan

Douglas Skinner Douglas

Gordon and Marilyn Dowsley

Matt and Madalin Emerson

Peter and Tori Fitton

Stephen and Nancy Friot

Gananoque Golf and Country Club

William and Catherine Gardian

Susan Geiler

Douglas and June Gilbert

Ann Glover

David and Elizabeth Goodfellow

Peter and Jane Greathead

Green Analytics Corp

Frederick and Leslie Hager

Carmen Hall

David Hepburn

Steve Hornsby

Susan Hughes

Marg Ivey

Noni and John Keilty

Jim and Judy Kiernan

Beverly Kinkade

Chris and Tad Kittredge

Robin and Allen Kramme

Richard and Jennifer Kyes

Jeff and Kim Lackie

James and Dee LaFrance

Vicki Leakey

Denise Lyons

Peter and Barbara Mabee

Margaret Corrigan Margaret

Chuck and Eleanor Marquardt

John and Helen Matthew

Nora McAdie

Robert and Kimberly McCord

John McDonald

Don and Christine McMunn

Susan and Bobbie McMurrich

Molly Mercker

Elizabeth and Craig Muenter

Jenna Muenter

Werner Muller

Ormond and Catherine Murphy

Murray Isle Association

Sarah Murray

Mike and Louisa Newbury

David Ogilvy and Suzanne Laffoley

Emily Parkin

Kathie Patterson

Iain Pearson

Pelow Engineering

John and Anita Peter

Linda Pollon

Susan and Nicholas Preston

Quinte Canvas Manufacturing – Top Shop

Douglas and Sharon Rawlinson

Paul and Suzie Regan

Kathryn Rennie

Susan Riddick-Stoker

Linda and Bill Riley

Douglas Rombough

Jim Rovers

Howard Rundle

Mark and Susan Saiter

Amy Schacht

Edward and Pamela Sheppard

Blaine and Jeannie Shore

Laurie Singleton

Brian and Nancy St John

Jeff and Janet Staples

Steel Style Garage

Ian Stephenson

Daniel Stevens

Thornley Stoker

Robert and Paula Street

Donna Tackaberry

Donald Taylor

Elizabeth Thompson

Nora Thompson

David Tolton

Treasure Island Marina

David and Lisa Trimble

Marc and Marisa Trottier

Edwin Tweedy

Peter Van Sickle

John and Carole Anne Walli

Ann Ward

Marceli Wein and Susan Smith

Jeff Wilson

Susan Wilson

George Winner Jr.

Michael Zinay and Yvonne Hiemstra

Why Your Membership Matters

TIA is the only organization placing shoal markers for the River Community - this is an essential service. Our mission of river safety is to heighten boater’s awareness of some dangerous shoals to avoid . TIA strongly encourages all boaters to use navigation charts when navigating the St. Lawrence River. Please be a TIA supporter, we rely on membership dues & donations to be sustainable.

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