TIA is a not for profit organization, founded in 1934, and supported by over 700 Canadian and American members who own property and/or boat in the Thousand Island region, an area extending from Kingston to east of Brockville on the Canadian side and from Cape Vincent to east of Alexandria Bay on the American side.

Our Mission:

To promote river safety, encourage environmental awareness and support the community.

Our Vision:

Our Vision: The Thousand islands Association (TIA) is a not for profit organization that is proactive in addressing safety on the river, promoting environmental preservation and supporting the interests of the Community for the benefit of the 1000 Islands region of the St. Lawrence River.

We will:

  • maintain shoal marking for safe navigation along the water
  • support emergency response for medical aid and fire protection
  • encourage environmental stewardship
  • create opportunities to connect members and strengthen community relationships
  • maintain member engagement while attracting new members
A short video presentation about TIA’s Mission & Vision

Supporting other non-profit organizations around the community.

  • Thousand Islands Area Residents Association
  • Arthur Child Heritage Museum
  • Thousand Islands Watershed Land Trust
  • Save The River
  • Thousand Islands Boat Museum

Why Your Membership Matters

Each year more than 300 shoal markers are placed throughout the 1864 Islands. TIA is responsible for placement in Canadian waters and in partnership with Save the River for placement in American waters. Think how dangerous the river would be if there were no shoal markers. For the safety of all of us, our family, friends and visitors who boat in the Thousand Island region, please be a TIA member and supporter.