The Seabin is officially up and running!


Through the support of Pollution Probe, the Council of the Great Lakes Region and the town of Gananoque, the Thousand Islands Association has implemented the Seabin V5 project at the Gananoque Municipal Marina.


The Seabin is a floating garbage bin that collects debris and waste by pumping water into the device. It has the capability to also intercept micro and macro plastics, and microfibres, as small as 2mm. With the new addition of oil pad technology, the Seabin also can skim surface oil and pollutants, which is extremely present at marinas, such as the Gananoque Municipal Marina.  The Seabin has a daily data collection to track how much waste is collected in the marina, so we can track how much garbage and plastic is present!


To date, the Seabin project has installed 860 Seabins and captured 2,983,708 kg, with each catch bag having the capacity to hold up to 20kgs at a time. TIA is extremely excited to be a part of such an incredible project. We want to thank everyone involved who helped make this possible. To learn more about the Seabin, visit the Great Lakes Plastic Clean Up website.

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