Why does TIA need your membership?

Each year TIA places and maintains over 300 shoal markers throughout 1864 islands in both Canadian and American waters. This is TIA’s flagship program and cannot be sustained without membership support – TIA receives no government funding . It is an expensive service but one fully warranted by lives saved and accidents prevented.

Just think what the river would be without shoal markers

The Coast Guard provides channel markers for primary river navigation only. However, beyond these charted routes the river is a dangerous place for boaters without TIA’s shoal markers.

There is a cost to place the markers in the spring, remove them in the fall, and maintain and purchase new markers destroyed by age and weather. 

Joining or renewing membership is very easy

There are four general membership categories:

  • Individual membership @ $50.00 per calendar year (includes one AGM breakfast);
  • Couples membership @ $75.00 per calendar year (includes two AGM breakfasts);
  • Family membership @ $100.00 per calendar year (includes 4 AGM breakfasts);
  • Business support sponsorship (go to Sponsors for details)

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We accept payment on our website through Paypal – you can use your PayPal account or a credit card through a guest PayPal account. If you would like to purchase your membership through another method, please contact us.


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