Own Your Own Shoal Marker

TIA will designate the “ROCK” marker as yours and will officially recognize it on our website and in our newsletter.

Own your own Shoal Marker Program

With water level fluctuations our shoal Markers are beginning to be worn out, lost or disappearing. Therefore TIA continues to need more markers, this is an expensive and necessary endeavour to save lives and to promote river safety.

To help support shoal marking, TIA offers its ” Your Own Shoal Marker” Program.

For a fully tax deductible $500 donation, TIA will designate the “Rock” marker that you indicate as your personal shoal. You will receive a TIA t-shirt and a Canadian or US income tax receipt.

TIA thanks the following participants of the “Your Own Shoal Marker” fundraising Program From 2014 to 2018

Admiralty of the 1000 Islands
North Hill Island at Bridge

Laura Cerow
East of Whiskey, U.S.

Dorothy Collins
Due North of dock on Hill Island

Dr. Gregory Davies
Deathdealer Island

Carol Devlin
South West of Lilly Pad

Gananoque, Ontario Ultimate Fishing Town
North of MacDonald

Deming Halloran
South West of Niagara Island

Nicole Harris
Claire de Lune Rock (jointly with David Orr)

Bryan Jones
40 Acres Center

Nancy King
For her Father John King

Gayley Knight
Gig Island Rock

Brian Knudsen
Flying Mallard Island

William Kyle
East of Dock on Forsythe

Keith & Metje Maybe
South & West of Dark

Doug McLellan & Caroline Young
Wood Isle

Orm Murphy
Apohaqui Island

David Orr
South of Mudlunta

Paul Regan lll
West & South of Black Duck

In Memory of Barbara Regan
West of Black Duck

Paul Regan Jr.
North of Mermaid

Joan Ritchie
North of Binacle, West of Lindsay

South of Gananoque River Mouth

Thornley Stoker
South of White Calf

Gary Tranmer
Between Hickey and Otty

Gary Tranmer
Curtis shoal, in memory of Isabelle Heine

In Memory of Grace Lois Tranmer
South of Horse Block

Tremont Island Association
South of White Calf

Why Your Membership Matters

Each year more than 300 shoal markers are placed throughout the 1864 Islands. TIA is responsible for placement in Canadian waters and in partnership with Save the River for placement in American waters. Think how dangerous the river would be if there were no shoal markers. For the safety of all of us, our family, friends and visitors who boat in the Thousand Island region, please be a TIA member and supporter.