Annual General Meeting

Thousand Islands Playhouse, Gananoque – Saturday July, 25th

Please note that given the current state of emergencies on both sides of the border, the details of this event are subject to change.

The excellent Shore Breakfast starts at 8:30am. Breakfast is included in the membership.
Non members are welcome and the breakfast cost is $15.00.

Held every July, all are welcome to attend to meet friends, make new ones and enjoy a wonderful shore breakfast before the actual meeting. The breakfast is included in membership in TIA. Elected officials and special friends offer greetings and share overviews of their activities regarding the river and the community. The meeting includes the financial picture, election of the Board for the coming year and remarks from the President. One or two speakers are invited to educate members about various topics ranging from the river safety, water levels, environmental issues, and pertinent local programs. 

Please join us, participate and enjoy.

Why Your Membership Matters

TIA is the only organization placing shoal markers for the River Community - this is an essential service. Think how dangerous the river would be if there were no shoal markers? For the safety of us all, our families, friends and visitors who boat on the river - please be a TIA supporter. We rely on membership dues & donations to be sustainable.