TIA is an Charitable, non-profit international organization and receives no government funding to support shoal marking and its program intiatives.

Charitable Status

TIA is a Charitable, Non-Profit International Association registered in both Canad and the United States.

TIA is not supported by Federal, Provincial or State funding.

Join the many who have already given and consider annual support to TIA programs.

TIA operates under “The Thousand Islands Association for the Preservation of River Quality, Inc” in Canada, and the “Thousand Islands Association, Inc” in the United States – both are charitable, non-profit organizations which means that your donation is tax deductible.

Tax receeipts will be issued for any donation of $10.00 or more. 

Own Your Own Shoal Marker

With the recent water level fluctuations, shoals are appearing and disappearing and TIA continues to need more markers to support this flagship program.

TIA fundraising encourages you to adopt your favorite shoal marker under its “Own Your Own Shoal Marker” program.

For a fully tax deductible $500 TIA will designate the “ROCK” marker that you indicate as your personal shoal. Your donation will be officially recognized in our Newsletter and you will receive a copy of a chart with your marker named, a TIA T-shirt and a Canadian or US income tax receipt.

This donation can be made in your or another’s name and makes a memorable gift as well.

In Memoriam

A life lived is a life worthy of celebrating.

TIA wants to make a meaningful opportunity for members to celebrate these loved ones in a memoriam by sharing their love for the river.

Donations made in honor or memory of are fully tax deductible as well as a loving gesture. We ask that you consider this organization when engaged in estate planning.

Click below to view TIA’s In Memoriam dedicated to those who loved and have now left the river.


Canadian Donations

American Donations

Generous Donors

The TIA acknowledges with sincere thanks and appreciation to the following people who have made charitable donations in the last 12 months

Dr. James Arnott

Vincent Barton

Elizabeth Bedford-Jones

Allison Burchell-Robinson and Wally Robinson

Heinz and Marion Brennwald

Frank and Beverly Cole

Harry H. and Caroline B. Dean

William and Jane Deir

Troy Donovan

George B. Duke

Peter Fitton

Donald and Eve Huth

Derek and Marjorie Innes

Paul and Gayley Knight

Metje Mabee

Andrew McNally IV

Orm Murphy

Paul and Susie Regan

Edward and Judy Robinson

Gary Tranmer and Monica Heine

Ann B. Ward and Andrea W. Smith

William and Joanne Tomlinson

Raymmond Ventrice

Margaret Whitefield


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